Travel Review: A review of our accommodations in Tokyo, Japan

Hi. Everyone! Mrs. Minion here! 🙂

Today, I will be doing a review on our Airbnb accommodations in Tokyo, Japan.

Before I start off with the post, how is everyone? I believe that some of you may have started planning for your next holiday trip. If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and looking for an Airbnb apartment to stay in Tokyo, this is the post for you! Here we go~

This was our very first trip to Toyko, Japan. We did not choose to stay in a hotel due to its price. If you are someone who is traveling on a budget like us then staying in an Airbnb apartment is the way to go. Why so? This is because hotels are priced at a very high premium (80% at least?) to Airbnb apartments in the same area.

During our trip, we chose to stay in the Nishi-Shinjuku area (1 stop away from the Shinjuku train station). We will not be putting up any pictures as the pictures presented by the Airbnb host were very representative of the apartment. The Airbnb apartment is suitable for couples and lone travelers. Please see our comprehensive review of the apartment below.

Do note that we are accessing the accommodation based on the 5 factors below.

  • Accessibility
  • Concept
  • Comfort
  • Service
  • Amenities


Once you have booked your Airbnb with the host, a map with instructions will be given to you so it was quite easy for us to locate the apartment. We highly recommend that you do a search on google maps to check the directions beforehand though.

The apartment is located just 2 minutes away from the Nishi-Shinjuku Station. It is also located near Hilton Hotel Tokyo which is also one of the stops for the airport shuttle. So instead of carrying your heavy luggage running from train to train, you can enjoy the luxury of taking the shuttle bus to your doorstep (almost, since the hotel is 5 minutes away)


This was basically a studio apartment. Despite being small in size, that apartment was comfortable enough for 2 people. They have everything you need ranging from a kitchen (complete with microwave oven and stove) to a washing machine.

The apartment is located on the 2nd floor and there are no elevators. You need to be mentally prepared for this. It didn’t affect us as we did not have a lot of luggage.

The only complaint that we had was that the bathroom is really small.  You barely have enough space to stand to dry yourself after showering. If you are a large individual, you may feel very uncomfortable in the bathroom.

It is also important to note that Japan is big on recycling. Therefore, you will be required to sort your recyclable items and place them into the recycling bins as provided by them. The rest of the trash can be disposed of in the trash can.


The room is equipped with a queen sized bed that is quite comfortable. However, do watch out as it is really flimsy. Don’t try bouncing on it or anything The air-conditioner works really well and also has heater functions which you can use to heat up your bedroom during colder seasons. The room is really clean and neat. 


As this is an Airbnb apartment, there are obviously no gyms, swimming pools and the like. However, The supermarket is just 6-minutes walk away and there is a family mart 2-minutes walk away. There is also a restaurant right under the apartment. We didn’t dine at the restaurant but it looked pretty cozy.


The host is friendly and helpful. He is available through the Airbnb message function and is very responsive. Do note that the host does not provide any cleaning services. If you require someone to dispose of your trash you will have to contact the host to arrange for a trash pick-up. Upon your request, the host will send someone there to pick up your trash sometime in the afternoon. They have a spare key so you that you do not need to remain in your room to wait for the trash pick-up.

Overall, my husband and I highly recommend this Airbnb apartment to anyone that is traveling to Tokyo, Japan.

Feel free to comment below on your experience with AirBnB apartments in Japan.

We hope that this travel review is helpful for those who are trying to decide between staying in an Airbnb apartment or hotel in Tokyo.

Until next time! 🙂





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